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Orem Can Be

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Orem is a remarkable city.
Quinn is running for City Council to make it even better. 


Citizen participation 



About Quinn

Quinn has a career in the public, private, and educational sectors

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About Quinn

Quinn Mecham has built a career in the public, private, and educational sectors

     History of public service

  • Orem Natural Resources Stewardship Committee

  • Utah County Good Governance Advisory Board

  • Orem Youth Soccer

  • Policy Planning Fellow (US Department of State)

  • School District Board Member (Middlebury Union)

     Education leader

  • College professor who teaches courses on government at Brigham Young University

  • Six years of leadership at the Kennedy Center for International Affairs

  • BA Brigham Young University

  • MA, PhD Stanford University

     Private sector

  • Management and leadership consultant

  • McKinsey & Company, Korn Ferry International, Altitude Leadership Partners


Multigenerational connections to Orem

Married 25 great years with four awesome kids

Loves hiking, running, language, music, movies and the outdoors

Enjoys cooking and gardening


Quinn's purpose

Build a better Orem by creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Community Service


  • Values-Driven Leadership

  • Conservative Spending

  • Freedom to Thrive


  • Listen to Understand

  • Build Creative Solutions

  • Empower Every Citizen

  • Strengthen Community Identity

  • Attract Economic Opportunity

  • Preserve Our Neighborhoods

Quinn will advocate for more transparent decision-making, real neighborhood input in growth choices, preserving our orchards and open spaces, transportation improvements, a better State Street, investments in arts and recreation, recruiting and supporting our great first responders and city staff.

Read Quinn's perspective on development in Orem here


  • Amplify Citizen Engagement

  • Increase Efficiency of Public Services

  • Cultivate Beautiful Public Spaces

Who supports QUinn Mecham?

“Quinn is well-prepared, values-based, thoughtful, and data driven. He will bring
these same skills to the city council.”

-Debby Lauret, Orem City Councilor

“Quinn is the best city council candidate Orem has had for quite some time. He’s
brilliant, diplomatic, and knows how to bring people together to solve complex

-Sam Lentz, former Orem City Councilor

“I am very impressed with Quinn’s knowledge, understanding, and foresight for the City of Orem. He will make an outstanding member of the Orem City Council.”
-Joel Gardner, former Mountain View High teacher and coach

“Quinn is a gifted leader who cares deeply about getting people involved in solving problems. He’ll empower Orem citizens to build a better future.”
-Joshua Gubler, Republican state delegate

“Quinn demonstrates true moral and ethical integrity, listens to others with a
genuine desire to understand, and maintains an abiding belief in the power of human connection.”

-Sarah Bateman, founding Chair, Orem Natural Resources Stewardship Committee

“Quinn will help the city move forward into the future with a fresh perspective, new ideas, and an ability to bring people together.”
-Richard Davis, former member, Orem Cultural Arts and Recreation Commissions

“Quinn is honest, fair, thoughtful, reasonable, and intelligent, with a great sense of community.”
-Dick Belliston, former Orem High teacher and coach

"I support Quinn Mecham for City Council.  His education, experience, abilities and excellent ideas will be very valuable for the City of Orem.  Join me in voting for Quinn!"

-Margaret Black, former Orem City Councilor

"Quinn is one of the most qualified candidates for public office whom I have ever met. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable, rational, reasonable, thoughtful, calm, articulate, and listens." 

-Wynn Hemmert, M.D.

"I support Quinn because he studies issues from many angles, not just the one that is the loudest or the most comfortable."

-Karen McCandless, former Orem City Councilor and CEO of Community Action Services

"Quinn is the best candidate for City Council that I have ever seen. Quinn has integrity and patience. I have seen this firsthand in his responses to some of the (unseen) issues of competitive elections." 

-David Lignell, Professor of Engineering

"Few candidates have Quinn's knowledge of government institutions and processes.  His balanced, fair, informed, and thoughtful approach to problem solving will help Orem move forward and prosper."  

-Scott Dunaway, former Republican precinct chair

People from all political backgrounds support Quinn!

Neighborhood Insights Initiative

Each of Orem's 22 neighborhoods are part of a district neighborhood plan.  Quinn has launched a survey to to gather specific feedback from every one of those 22 neighborhoods to be shared with city staff.   

Quinn is holding virtual meetings with residents in every one of Orem's 22 neighborhoods, alongside in-person meetings across Orem.  

Read Quinn's perspective on our neighborhoods in the Daily Herald here: Let's Unlock the Potential of Orem's Neighborhoods


Upcoming Events

Neighborhood Discussions
(see link above)

October 14

5pm Orchard

6pm Cascade

7pm Orem North

8pm Sharon Park

REad quinn's perspective on Orem's future in the daily herald

Neighborhood Discussions

October 16

10am Aspen

11am Timpview


Geneva Heights

1pm Suncrest

2pm Orem Park

3pm Orem

4pm Sharon

5pm Hillcrest

6pm Stonewood/Lakeridge

7pm Sunset Heights East/West

Orem City Council debate recording

The City Council candidates met for a debate on October 7. The City Council section starts at minute 48; listen to Quinn's closing statement at 1:50:00



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